` Clip on Tribars | Triathlon, TT, Track clip on bars

Clip on Tribars for your Road or Mountain Bike

Considerations when selecting clip on tribars

If you are considering using clip on bars for your road races, time trials or triathlons, this section might be useful to read first. We cover some of the benefits, issues with existing handlebars and the range of models available.
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Advantages of using a clip on bar

The main benefit you will get from using a clip on tribar is one of adaptability, assuming you buy more than a basic entry level model. They enable you to get into a good cycling position while still using your original handlebars, so you get the best of both worlds.

An adjustable tribar will make it easy to get a good fit and position on your bike; often the stem and extensions are separate giving a clip on bar plenty of range to cope with your various riding styles in different competitions and disciplines.

Using a clip on tri bar will give you plenty of experience to know what suits you best; this will make it easier to select an integrated tribar at some point in the future, if you reach the top levels of competition.

Fixing clip on tribars to your existing handlebars

Most clip on bars fit a range of diameters of handlebar using adjustable clamps. However it is worth checking the diameter of your existing handlebars, especially if they are road bars, because they often taper near the clamp area, in which case they may loosen gradually and then give way suddenly.

Be careful if you have a carbon handlebar because these are not always capable of taking the force of the clamp directly and you may need a special kit to enable proper fitting and reliable grip.

Manufacturers of clip on tribars

You will find that most well-known brands have a clip on bar in a range of models. Currently, this includes thepopular Oval A700 and A900, the Profile AirStryke, the Vision Carbon Pro and the Zipp Vuka.
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